Take your ecommerce business from struggling store to thriving brand

Discover the step-by-step formulas to drive traffic, boost sales, and build the online business you've always dreamed of.


Get ready to:

If you're find it hard to:

  • Get relevant traffic to your online store
  • Convert site visitors into paying customers
  • Scale up operations
  • Wear too many hats
  • Stand out in a crowded market

And you feel discouraged, uncertain, and lacking guidance…

You're not alone. Many ecommerce entrepreneurs struggle with those exact issues in the early stages. The great news is - there's a proven way forward.

The EDGE Strategy came to life after almost 4 years of working with ecommerce businesses.

I wanted to package all my experience and help other entrepreneurs with their strategies, processes, authority, and confidence.

To stop the guessing games, rollercoaster revenues or frustration.

Just handing YOU a clear path to building the profitable, sustainable ecommerce business you've been striving for.

This Strategy is for ecommerce entrepreneurs who:

Meet your instructor

"I've helped dozens of online store owners get started and scale. Now I want to help you turn your hard work into explosive growth."

Mayara is brand strategist and web designer who helps entrepreneurs turn their passions into profitable online businesses.

After struggling for years in unfulfilling corporate jobs, Mayara vowed to take control of her life and find a way to blend purpose with prosperity.

She started a design studio a few months before the pandemic started and quickly attracted high-end clientele thanks to her style and intuitive customer experience design.

Mayara saw so many budding entrepreneurs fail not due to lack of passion or work ethic - but because they lacked the right structure, strategies, and mindset to turn their skills into scalable success.

So she created The EDGE Strategy to share the exact frameworks she guides her 1:1 clients through that enable sustainable growth and fulfillment.

IG: @mayarasousa.co

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